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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Men Don't Need Abortions

OMG! Of course not! Men don't get pregnant LOL!

Obviously, men do not get pregnant and that is most definitely not what I am talking about. Men will never need to get abortions.

However, they will also never need abortions.

I have been reminded time and time again why women need abortions to keep from "ruining" her life. She'll be fired, she'll be kicked out of school, kicked out of her home, she'll be held back and utterly fail at life, not only ruining her life, but making her child's life miserable too.

If this is true, and I am certainly willing to believe it is because I have known women who had these things happen to them, where the hell are the feminists?

Have you ever heard of a man being fired because he got his girlfriend pregnant? How about being forced out of school because he's a father?

Men don't need abortions to avoid losing jobs, scholarships, and housing. I'm told women do.

Again I ask, where are the feminists?

They're okay with the fact that women are told they need abortions, not want them, but need to have them in order to function? They're okay that women are given two options: Abort or become a "failure?" They're fine that women are told, "If you don't kill your baby, you'll fail?"

They're not going to fight this? Why? Why don't women deserve to have the same opportunities as men? Why do women need to sacrifice the lives of their children in order to stay out of the poorhouse? Men don't need to do it. They don't. A man can get a woman pregnant and have no fear about losing his job. He can have no fear of being denied an education. So why is it women are told, "You can't be a mother and do this," if it's okay for men to be fathers and do the exact same thing?

It's a load of crud. If modern feminists put as much effort into fighting for better treatment of women who get pregnant, women wouldn't need abortions anymore, unless it was a life or death situation. They would want it, yes. They could want to remove their children from their wombs. But they'd be making that choice based on what they wanted to do, not sacrificing and making that choice because they're told that there's no other option.

Calling yourself pro-choice if you support forcing women to need abortions when men don't need them is utter nonsense. It is not pro-choice to tell a woman she needs to have an abortion or she'll fail at life. That ladies and gentlemen is pro-abortion in the sense of supporting abortion above all other options, not supporting a woman's freedom to have an abortion.

Abortion should never have been made a way to say, "Now can women join the workforce?" It should not be the only thing that keeps women "equal" in our society. Women will never be free from male dominance as a society unless people start supporting them instead of oppressing them in order to create a need for some disgusting procedure that would not gain the majority of voter support if women had other options available to them.


Blogger Lauren said...

Exactly! I'm going to link to you in my blog, so all of the prolife world (or those registered on prolifeblogs) can read! You really should register on the prolifeblogs blog ring!

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Blogger Katherine said...

I'd join, but my posts are so sporadic, it'd just be taking up space.

5:57 PM  
Blogger Akshamala said...

Oh, fiddle faddle. You're joining! XD

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Blogger Cerberus said... this is the great work you never told me about...

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